Brian R L.
Submitted 06/19/21
Dr. Coleman helped me recover from a shoulder dislocation about fifteen years ago. I had been a gymnast in school and liked to do pull-ups and handstands before my accident. I still remember Dr. Coleman’s kind and expert care and how he helped me eventually make a full recovery.

Jacob P.
Submitted 03/30/21
Dr. Coleman operated on my hip over five years ago to resolve my FAI and he and his entire office were outstanding. When I hurt my shoulder in 2019 I knew I had to return to his office for help. After physical therapy didn’t work he operated on my shoulder to fix a labral tear and once again everything went amazingly. You can’t make a better choice than going to see Dr. Coleman.

Matt F.
Submitted 11/23/20
Everyone was great – from doctors to therapists upstairs. Fantastic experience!

James C.
Submitted 12/13/19
I saw three surgeons about my bi-lateral knee replacement. I wanted to do both at the same time as I didn’t want to devote most of next year recovering from having my knees replaced. Two of the surgeons I saw said they would only do one at a time because there was a small chance that something could go wrong. I saw Dr. Coleman, who took in the entirety of who I am said, “We should do both at once because you’re in good shape for your age, and the possibility of something going wrong is minor – you need to get back to living your life without pain as soon as possible.” I had the surgery three weeks ago, it still hurts, but at home, I’m getting around without a cane. Dr. Coleman is great. You need a doctor who looks at you, not just figures on a chart.

Fernando L.
Submitted 11/03/19
Great service very professional Dr.Coleman

Mary C.
Submitted 10/25/19
My appointment reflected the finest professional service imaginable.

Shannondoah S.
Submitted 10/25/19
Best Doctors In The World. Greatest Staff!!! A Joy To Come To This Office. I was treated like Royalty !!!!

Sarah J.
Submitted 09/20/19
Everyone in the office was extremely helpful and friendly. Dr. Coleman was very thorough in his explanation of what I was experiencing. This is definitely the place to go.

Garry M.
Submitted 09/19/19
Nice new offices. Dr Coleman listened to my issue and gave me helpful advice.

Alexander S.
Submitted 09/17/19
Unbelievable new facility. Dr. Coleman is the best

Gary N.
Submitted 09/14/19
I left my appointment feeling that I was being treated by the best. Dr. Coleman exudes confidence and instills confidence which is important going into knee replacement. I respect the honest, straight forward approach and it really seems that he wants to be sure you understand what is going to happen

Lucette R.
Submitted 09/14/19
I felt that finally a doctor was able go hear me and to identify where my problem stemmed from and how we could try to find a path for no more pain!

Cornelius C.
Submitted 09/13/19
Struan was very professional and supportive throughout the pre surgery and surgery process. He helped me understand what to expect and what was going to be done. Super job!!!

Nancy M G.
Submitted 09/04/19
Dr. Coleman has been nothing but the best in the years I’ve been seeing him for my recurring hip issues–I trust him completely in his assessments and treatments. My two surgeries with him were a breeze and I wouldn’t hesitate to send anyone with hip problems to his office. Until the point my hips need total replacement, he’ll be my go-to hip surgeon. Cannot rate him highly enough!